Integrated Web & Mobile Marketing

Good marketing needs data. Every tool we build leverages our enterprise-grade analytics infrastructure.

Explore, Segment and Manage

Know your users by the metrics that matter to your business. Powerful segmentation criteria let you create and automate targeted communications and experiences that positively impact all key performance metrics.

Explore, Segment, and Manage

User Explorer

Navigate your user base using any metric you can think of. Intuitive, fast-loading visualizations empower non-technical users to glean insights from your data.

Infinite Segmentation Criteria

Use standard or custom attributes to build meaningful user segments for your marketing campaigns and user experiences. Custom user attributes double as online user-level data storage, supporting multiple data types including number, string, date, and bool.

User Experience Management

Control your app from the web. Prioritize different values to produce dynamic first-time user experiences, advanced game balancing, or rich in-app merchandising programs to deepen engagement, boost retention, and drive revenue.

Communicate With Mobile Campaigns

Fully customizable image and video marketing campaigns delivered directly to your targeted user segments.

Rewards Campaign Icon


Deliver currency and virtual goods to your users. Simultaneous reward campaigns let you target multiple segments at once.

Announcements Campaig Icon


Display full screen images or videos with deep links to specific pages, views, or websites. All announcements and post-roll cards can be localized and A/B tested.

Cross Promotion Campaign Icon

Cross Promotion

Drive users to other apps in your portfolio with your own ad-creative. Enjoy all the flexibility of Announcement campaigns, including A/B tests and video.

Opt-In Campaign Icon


Collect email addresses, phone numbers, and other contact information to stay in touch with your users.

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Virtual Goods Promotions

In-app merchandising strategies hinge on promotion. Upsight's virtual goods promotion campaigns drive conversion and upsell.

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Optimized Ads

Upsight offers a fully optimized ad solution. Formats include static interstitial, non-rewarded video, and rewarded video ads.

Push Messaging For Multiple Segments

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