Data Without Limits

You can never know too much. That's why we don't charge per event. Whether you're capturing a few select data points or millions of unique user profiles, your costs don't change.

Omnichannel Analytics

Our premium analytics infrastructure was built from the ground-up for the challenges of enterprise-grade products and services. We're battle-tested and built to scale, so you never have to worry about losing data when traffic spikes.

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Custom Dashboards

Build and organize dashboards for executives, marketers, product managers, and analysts. Monitor the KPIs you need and omit the ones you don't. Enterprise-level permission controls and data security mean you decide exactly who sees what.

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Data Mine

Built on top of Hadoop with a HiveQL interface, DataMine is a fast data exploration tool that makes it easy for analysts to establish business metrics, create shareable custom dashboards, and conduct ad hoc data analysis.

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Metric Explorer

With Metric Explorer, you can explore your data to establish the filters and dimensions that define your visualizations. Our premium web user interface lets you see the impact of changes across your metric dimensions in real-time.

Smart and Personalized

Don't settle a for one-size-fits-all solution. Our team of dedicated data scientists work with you to define and surface the unique KPIs that matter to your business.

Personalized Metrics

Combine custom data points and calculations to produce your key performance indicators. Events captured from your apps or websites can be applied to Personalized Metrics and examined across multiple dimensions.

Once a Personalized Metric is defined, Upsight performs custom aggregations as specified by the metric. Aggregated data can then be visualized in your dashboards or sent to Upsight’s marketing tools for further action

Personalized Metrics

Interesting Segment Finder

Upsight can do the heavy lifting when it comes to deriving insights from your analytics. Interesting Segment Finder looks at the data captured against a dimension then searches across other dimensions to find over and under-performing variances, displaying the actual results compared to the expected results for the metric.

Once discovered, save them to your dashboard or use Upsight’s marketing tools to take immediate action.

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