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Customers leverage our consolidated solution stack to learn about their users, make informed decisions and take immediate action to positively impact KPIs, increase LTV and add value to their businesses.


The Upsight Partnership

We value our relationships with our partners above all else. That's why we like to start every partnership on the right foot, from a place of knowledge. If you're considering a partnership with Upsight, here's what you can expect within the first few weeks:

Meet Your Dedicated Success Manager

1. Meet Your Dedicated Success Manager

Your success manager is a personal point-of-contact for all things Upsight. Whether you need an extra set of eyes on the latest build or have a question about your dashboard, their job is to facilitate your success and satisfaction.

Meet Your Dedicated Success Manager

2. Custom Metrics Evaluation

Our data scientists work with you to write custom measurements tailored for your business. These get added to your custom dashboard and become the foundation for strategic initiatives that ultimately produce scalable, measured growth across your portfolio.

Strategy & Forecasting

3. Strategy & Forecasting

With goals in place, your success manager illustrates how the Upsight solution stack can help you along the path to success. This includes bespoke monetization, marketing and personalization recommendations, as well as revenue predictions based on benchmarks for your vertical.

Meet Your Dedicated Success Manager

4. On-Site Integration Support

We're committed to providing our customers with the highest possible value. That's why we fly our engineers to your office to provide on-site integration support, anywhere in the world. It's our way of making sure we get off to a good start.

Meet Your Dedicated Success Manager

5. Personalized Dashboard Development

We build tailored dashboards for each of your departments and team members, empowering them to surface insights, take immediate action and collaborate effectively from a single record of truth.

Meet Your Dedicated Success Manager

6. Go Live

With everything in place, it's time to launch! Our support teams are on-hand the second your app goes live to provide emergency resources should the need arise.

Meet Your Dedicated Success Manager

7. Ongoing Support

Our engineers are always available to support integrations of new SDK versions and resolve any technical issues you might encounter. Just reach out to your success manager and they'll connect you with the resources you need to push past blockers and hit your release deadlines.

Meet Your Dedicated Success Manager

8. Review & Iteration

As your app continues its lifecycle, your success manager makes regular check-ins to ensure everything is going smoothly. We're always looking for new ways to add value to your portfolio through new and existing features.

Ad Hoc Professional Data Services

9. Ad Hoc Data Services

Need extra help with a special project? Trust the experts that helped build your system. Our team of PhD data scientsists will take a deep-dive into your data to surface any information you need to get the job done.

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