Featuring the same powerful marketing tools that you rely on, plus enterprise-grade analytics to help you understand the value of your actions - on one platform!

Actionable Analytics
For Mobile Apps

Understand what’s happening in your app and take action.


An enterprise-grade platform with unlimited data storage to monitor app performance.

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Create targeted in-app and out of app campaigns that improve key performance metrics.

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A team of data scientists and marketing experts to help optimize app performance.

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The Most Powerful Analytics for Mobile and Social Apps.

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  • Free Enterprise-Grade Analytics

    Unlimited access to core acquisition, engagement, and revenue metrics, plus drag & drop funnel analysis to help you optimize app performance.

  • Unlimited Data Storage

    Exploring data requires the ability to store unlimited, relevant data. We don't think you should worry about your storage costs.

  • Dive Deeper with Data Mine

    Harness the power of Hadoop, using common SQL syntax to construct, save, schedule and share custom queries.


Most Comprehensive Marketing Tools for Mobile Apps.

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  • Free In-App Tools

    Send unlimited, in-app messages to custom user segments - keeping them informed with Announcements, engaged with Rewards and monetizing with Virtual Goods Promotion.

  • 250,000 Free Push Messages

    Create targeted Push campaigns to bring users back to your app & tie them to in-app content units that drive key engagement and revenue goals.

  • Grow Revenue with Ads

    Interested in advertising revenue? Displays ad from the PlayHaven mobile ad network and get industry-leading eCPMs.

Scale Up

Scale Up

25K Active Apps
700M MAU
500B Monthly Events
1.2B Mobile Devices


Our team of data scientists and marketing experts will learn your business and help you make the right decisions.

Nathan, Data Science

Ph.D. in High Energy Physics
Unbelievably Smart.

Don, Customer Success Lead

The Go to guy for top tier studios
Kills it for his clients.

Shannon, Customer Success

Games and marketing expert
Magic touch on marketing & monetization.